Stop Snoring Collection (the Starter Kit)

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Stop Snoring Collection  (1 x Vaporizing Jar 100 ml, 1 Sheet x 12 Buttons)

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Sina Collections are the perfect gift or starter kit for a family member or friend.  Each Collection contains one of each essential oils custom blend stop snoring product format providing users the opportunity to trial each format and determine which ones are best for them.

Choose as a gift and at no additional charge Sina will pack your Stop Snoring Collection in a decorative drawstring bag with an imprinted gift tag. Write your personal message on the back. 

Reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane and other nasal tissues which help open the airway and reduce mouth breathing. 

Get started with Sina’s Stop Snoring Collection! (Check out the Huffington Post review of Stop Snoring on our homepage; their bottom line, "I'd go for it")  

  • Use the essential oils custom blend vaporizing jar at bedtime for all-night relief. Lasts up to 3 months.
  • Use the essential oils custom blend patch (the Sina "Buttons”) for travel - a convenient way to travel with your Stop Snoring Essential Oils Blend
  • Combine the jar with the patch for those difficult nights (each button provides 12 hours of relief).

How to Use
Stop Snoring is available in two essential oils product formats for your convenience
. Both are best used 30 minutes before bedtime/whilst preparing for bed in order to allow the oils to diffuse into the air surrounding your sleeping space.

  • Room Vaporizing Jar - Open the jar and place the open jar as close as possible to you on the night table. In the morning, close the jar and give it a mild shake to refresh the sponge.
  • Button - Pull back the adhesive backing and stick the aromatherapy body patch (the Sina "Button") close to your bed. Lightly push down with your thumb/finger and pop the microcapsule beads to release the essential oils into the spongy diffuser layer. For larger spaces, use more than one button. The buttons are a great convenient way to travel with your Stop Snoring Essential Oils Blend.

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