Headache Relief Value Bundle

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Headache Relief Value Bundle - (2 x Roll-On 100 ml, 2 Sheets x 12 Buttons) 

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Anesthetic and analgesic properties that reduce headache pain and contribute to pleasant sensations of numbing and cooling.

Headache relief for when you need it - anytime and anywhere for up to 6 months!

How to Use
Sina Originals Headache Relief Remedies are available in two formats for your convenience.

  • Roll-on - The essential oils custom blend headache relief roll-on can be applied to pressure points and is particularly effective if rubbed behind ear lobes, at the base of the neck, or the top of the neck where shoulders meet. Each application will last about 3 hours. Simply re-apply when needed for that cooling and numbing sensation. Health Canada License NPN 80068516
  • Button - The essential oils custom blend headache relief patch (the Sina "Button") can be applied on clothes, furniture at home in the office or anywhere you need it for a long lasting diffusion of headache-relieving essential oils. Just stick, press and diffuse. Health Canada License NPN 80070422