Breathe Value Bundle

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Breathe Value Bundle - (1 x Vaporizing Jar 100 ml, 2 x Roll-On 60 ml, 2 Sheets x 12 Buttons)

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Is an anti-inflammatory; refreshes and soothes. 

How to Use
Breathe comes in three essential oils product formats for your convenience.
  • Room Vaporizing Jar - Open the essential oils custom blend jar and place the open jar as close as possible to you on the night table. In the morning, close the jar and give it a mild shake to refresh the sponge. Health Canada License NPN (Pending)   
  • Roll-on - The essential oils custom blend roll-on can be applied to pressure points and is particularly effective if rubbed behind ear lobes, on your temples, and between eyebrows. Each application will last about 3 hours. Simply re-apply when needed for that cooling and numbing sensation. Health Canada License NPN (Pending) 
  • Button - Pull back the adhesive backing and stick the aromatherapy patch (the Sina "button") close to your bed. Lightly push down with your thumb/finger and pop the microcapsule beads to release the essential oils into the spongy diffuser layer. For larger spaces, use more than one patch. The buttons are a great convenient way to travel with your Breathe Essential Oil Blend. Both the room vaporizing jar and button are best used 30 minutes before bedtime whilst preparing for bed in order to allow the oils to diffuse into the air surrounding your sleeping space. Health Canada License NPN (Pending)