Sina and Women's Health

Aromatherapy is not simply limited to the beauty domain. Essential oils and aromatherapy have been used in the care of women for centuries. In fact, empirical studies have shown that essential oils can provide physical and emotional support for women throughout their lifecycle starting from the pre-menopausal through the menopausal stages.

Sina Her

Sina has recognized the unique needs of women in developing its Her line of pre-diluted, ready-to use essential oils blends. Her includes a complete range of treatments for women’s everyday emotional and physical health and a line of therapeutic essential oils beauty products.  

And our products are licensed by Health Canada. This is both an assurance of their safety and efficacy and also symbolizes Sina’s commitment to delivering products that are transparent in their promises to mediate or prevent and restore women’s emotional and physical wellness.

The Sina Her line is currently in production and product will be available February 2017.

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