Room Vaporizing Jar


Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Vaporizing JarSina’s 100 ml, UV protective amber glass room vaporizing jars with diffuser sponges provide a slow release of essential oils that provide relief while you sleep. In fact, since inhalation works over time, bedtime can be the one of best times to use your remedy.


Activate the jar 30 minutes before you go to bed. Simply shake the jar to “wick” the essential oils custom blends up to the top of the diffuser sponge, uncap the jar and place the jar as close as possible to you on your bedside table. You may also wish to bring the jar to your nose and deeply inhale 2 – 3 times just before you retire. This will bring the active components of the “blend” quickly to the sensitive cells in the back of your nostrils which stimulate and send signals directly to your brain.

In the morning, cap the jar to stop the evaporation process. The jar will provide 3 – 4 months relief.

If stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry location and in combination with the protective benefits of the amber glass (clear glass or plastic should never be used), the jar will maintain its effectiveness for up to 1 year.   

Sina Originals room vaporizing jars are available for: